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One copy of Barbarian Adventure was available in my game shop last time I went there.
It's somewhere in France but if someone you know is interested I either sell it with the extra shipping cost only or in exchange for one Orlanth Is Dead that I cannot manage to find.

I can confirm or not the buying before end of week.

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Snipping most of that, and hoping they get their Wiki soon... (I might set one up for them in self-defence)

> To be honest, I'm a little annoyed with Thunder Rebels and
> Storm Tribe concerning
> rings. I thought they would explain them, but they barely
> mention what seems to me a
> really important concept of how clans and such are run. Let
> alone not a single mention

> of what Orlanthi city life is like.

That's in Barbarian Adventures. Which seems to be very hard to get hold of - I keep recommending it to people, but in vain. Reprint time?

> > Sort of, yes. The Baron's guard is more a garrison force than a
> > chieftain's hirdmen, closer to soldier than warrior. There will be
> > swashbuckling personal retinue fighters among the houses, probably
> > doing fancy Humakti stuff with lace, thin moustaches and
> slim blades.
> > Berserks are sooo outre. Light infantry or shipboard fighters rather

> > than shock troops, however elitarian.
> I'm still having all kinds of problems figuring out what city
> Heortling (hell, Heortling's who
> aren't Sartarite) are like. I do like the swashbuckling,
> that's cool, although I thought
> Humakti were grimmer than that.

There's a GAG feeling, not sure where it started, that the Humakti in Nochet tend to stay inside the city, and go in for rapiers, lace, daggers, swirly cloaks, and so on. They tend to work for political leaders as bodyguards/assassins. Oh, and they do Lottery Swords, which everyone else thinks are a very bad idea. This creates a lovely contrast between them and the rather more practical Orlanthi adventuring Humakti who drop into the place from time to time. It sounds as if Karse has been importing Humakti from Nochet.

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