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Date: Wed, 29 Sep 2004 21:10:56 +0200 (CEST)

Light Castle replying to Jerome Blondel:

>> > Really? What wrong interpretations?

>> The goddess seems just too minor to fulfill the various roles,
>> there are gaps in the range of things that women usually do.
>> For example motherhood is not covered. (Hmm, it's far behind,
>> so I should go and check at the website, but I'm pretty sure
>> of that.)

> The oyster goddess? She does seem to just have young girl and old
> crone functions, nothing in the middle, that's true. I do like the whole
> "pearl" motif among the dedicated worshipers though. Thing is, it
> makes it seem that she's a bit of a cult apart, a touch more of
> the Wise woman/sacred oracle thing. I happen to like that, but
> that isn't a daily life of the fisher-folk goddess by
> any stretch of the imagination.

More a founding goddess. Ivarne, Heort's wife, doesn't seem to have had an impact on Heortling women's everyday chores. Neither is getting frozen a common marriage preparation among the Heortlings...

>> Yeah, my confusion. Choralinthor is a better choice for fish harvesting,
>> and fish are the children of Tholaina and Golod. Esrola (or Ernalda if
>> you prefer) still holds the mother attributes though.

> Golod? I've never heard of Golod.

He's the Father of Fish from the Prosopaedia


and also

One might argue that Oskippos is a Heortling name for Golod, but I'm open for other suggestions.


>> Having  some practical experience with coastal fishing, why do you think
>> that  Pelaskites fish solo? Ok for harpooning or handline, I suppose, but
>> netting  fish usually is a group effort. (Nowadays an outboard motor may
>> take over  the role of part of the group, but hauling in the nets still
>> profits from  extra sets of hands...)

Simon Bray:
> I did not mean that his followers follow that pattern of fishing, but he
> himself did, until aided by the Twelve Soul Birds who showed him
> the ways of survival. I see him initially as an Everyman character,
> then a leader of survivors, but it is his alliances that saved him as
> much as his own skill.

Makes him a deity similar to Vingkot for non-Heortling Pelaskites, with different aspects for different phases of his myth? The Heortling myth in Storm Tribe pretty much describes the Everyman or occupational character, and will be similar to the Pelaskite version. Details about the marriage might vary.

BTW, I like to think that there are riverine fisherfolk of Pelaskite stock in Esrolia's major rivers, worshipping an alternative version of Poverri. Among other differences, using "trained" (or simply restrained from swallowing, by throttling the throat with a line) cormorants for fishing.

<Sea god husband of Esrola>

> Oops, I meant Faralinthor, Esrolia is of course a lusty widow :-)

Keeping some of the gifts of control over sea creatures she received from her husband, making a subcult similar to Goose Girl feasible. However, this might be treading on Choralinthor's mythical territory.

> However if Gloranthan gods are anything like Greek or Roman gods
> I would not dismiss her embracing her own son. There is just not
> enough of this going on in Gloranthan mythology.

Apart from blatant Prax and Darjiin, you mean?

You don't normally get this where patriarchy dominates, but there might be traces of it e.g. in the Menena caste of the Malkioni/Brithini.

> I also see the Rightarm Pelaskans as following a pantheon (excuse the
> term) of Spirits and Gods, where as those in Heortland and Esrolia
> would more likely be theistic. In Esrolia I would have him married to
> a local daughter of Esrolia, perhaps a Goose Goddess, Salmon
> Goddess or Similar. In Heortland I would go for a daughter of Ernalda,
> further along the coasts god only knows who he shares his hut
> with. I did have a Fish Wife cult somewhere, perhaps I could
> did it out.

I'd appreciate that.

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