RE: [Glorantha]Carry on up Karse

From: Jane Williams <>
Date: Wed, 29 Sep 2004 23:22:47 +0100

> There's tribes and Tribes. The four great Tribes (Volsaxi,
> Jondalarings, Hurlant and Esvulari) are subdivided into
> smaller groups which are called
> (surprise...) "tribes" rather than superclans.

Unless they're literate, the lower-case/upper-case distinction will be a bit difficult to follow.

I'm all in favour of authentic confusion, but won't this make it a bit hard for us non-natives?

> > This part is definitely going to benefit from the Wiki.
> Up and crawling under: (and yes, the url ends with a "=")
> 7069&wpid=

And linked to from the "Karse" page of the WWWiki

> I hope nobody minds if we take quotations from the mailing
> lists and insert them into the relevant Wiki documents?

I doubt if I've said much of relevance, but by all means quote anything you fancy (well, assuming you don't take me way out of context or anything strange and malicious like that)

> That's a problem with the Illaro dynasty - too few
> children for an extended royal clan, unless you pull similar
> stunts to those legitimizing the majority of the Argraths.

What, like blatant lies?

> I do like the swashbuckling, that's cool, although I thought
> Humakti were grimmer than that.

> See Jane's reply for tons of sense.

??? Can I quote you on that?

> IMO a sacred marriage usually has a contest component (see
> also Melisande's hand, Sartar wooing the FHQ), so an
> ambitious bureaucrat would enter as a candidate or field a
> champion of his own choice (who might be a player hero).

And there's another scenario opportunity!

Though also take a look at the River Ritual in Sun County. No competition there.

> Oh, as long as we get input from others and no red flag, I'm
> all for using the digest.

Don't see why not myself, but I agree that you need the Wiki to sort out "final versions". After all, this is the *Glorantha* list, not one of the "don't scare the newbies" ones.

> I don't regard Jane's offer to set up the wiki for us as
> such, yet... ;-)

Since you've done it yourself, I won't be bothering. Though the site you've used has been noted for future need!

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