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Howdy -

>Having some practical experience with coastal fishing, why do you
think that Pelaskites fish solo? Ok for harpooning or handline, I suppose, but netting fish usually is a group effort. (Nowadays an outboard motor may take over the role of part of the group, but hauling in the nets still profits from extra sets of hands...)

FWIW, I don't think that fisherfolk of the Mirrorsea fish solo. I suspect they build round-hulled wooden boats, powered by oars and a small sail. They presumably fish in small kinship groups. I have no idea what they fish for, but with given the Enjossi Salmon Man, I assume there are salmon in the Mirrorsea. And if they are salmon, better be real salmon (not that lousy Atlantic salmon stuff). =20

>I also see the Rightarm Pelaskans as following a pantheon (excuse the
term) =20
>of Spirits and Gods, where as those in Heortland and Esrolia would more
> be theistic. In Esrolia I would have him married to a local daughter
>Esrolia, perhaps a Goose Goddess, Salmon Goddess or Similar. In
Heortland I would=20
>go for a daughter of Ernalda, further along the coasts god only knows
who he=20
>shares his hut with. I did have a Fish Wife cult somewhere, perhaps I
>did it out.

I'm not certain that the Pelaskites are that well-defined as a separate culture. I think that the humans that fish on the Mirrorsea worship Pelaskos and associated things, regardless of whether they live in Nochet, Karse, the Right-Arm or Left-Arm Islands. However, I think there social and family arrangements are probably defined by other gods or goddesses (Orlanth and Ernalda in Heortland, Ernalda and her husbands in Esrolia, and whoever the Islanders worship).

>> I see Pelaskos as a Darkness leader or cultural hero for a number of=20
>> peoples along the sea coasts.
>They aren't called Pelaskites for nothing.

He taught folk to survive by fishing in the Mirrorsea. Stuff like war, marriage, kinship, rulership, etc, are probably the province of other gods. If I recall, there were only a couple hundred Pelaskites at the Dawn, so Pelaskos really didn't have to teach very much. =20

>So much as Heort refounds the Vingkotlings, there is a cultural hero
who re-learns the=20
>Pelaskos mysteries?

Whoa! No way is Pelaskos anywhere on the same scale as Heort. Pelaskos is just one of the hundreds of little deities that showed little family groups how to barely survive the Darkness. I suspect that the Pelaskites became "Orlanthi" (like lots of other folk) during the Dawn Age. Sure, Pelaskos shows them how to eke out a living as fishermen, but the Theyalans showed them the Dawn.
>But I think there is a "Pelaskite" strain in which he=20
>is more important.

Yeah, I think they are called "Mirrorsea fishermen".

You know, we were talking about a new founding hero (similar to Heort's role for the=20
Orlanthi) being needed. So how about Karse as the one who re-founds the secrets of=20
fishing and good living, whatever. Pelaskos's secrets.



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