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Joerg Baumgartner wrote replying to Light Castle:
> >> I have a theory. The old city of Karse had been an impregnable =
> >> which fought off all manner of Greater Darkness foes.
> >> I think that New Karse was protected by the old deity, and any =
> >> which were deflected at Old Karse during Storm Age and Greater =
> >> were at a huge magical disadvantage. So Fazzur had to find attack =
> >> which had not occurred at Old Karse. Hence dragonewts and naval


> >> What do you think?
> > That makes perfect sense in terms of why you would attack with =
> And helps defining Old Karse.

I do like this myself.
Whatever defences that Karse may have would be easily overcome by the = dragonewts.
It does seem that they can scale the walls and are effective at fighting = the defenders and attacking the magical guardians as well according to = KoS 142.
> > I was
> > more wondering why the Dragonnewts agreed to be mercenaries for the
Lunars. I know
> > you can never predict what Dragonnewts will do, but hiring out as a
siege gang seems
> > rather odd. What was in it for them? Especially since they didn't =

> That's an older theory of mine: he who gets acknowledged as King of =
> Pass by the Inhuman King gets the option to hire the dragonewts =
> at inhuman prices, but Tarsh is extremely rich).

Being King of Dragon Pass would help in securing the help of dragonewts = but still wouldn't guarantee it. Hiring out at *inhuman* cost isn't = wealth. It is not going to cost you X amount of gold pieces and a few = gems thrown in. No, the inhuman cost is the ritual sacrifice/suicide of = these sent to be negotiators on behalf of whichever side wants to hire = them. The heroes getting the help from the dragonewts pay with their = very lives, blood and souls as they commit *Utuma*.

This has just occurred in my game as both sides tried to gain the aid of = the dragonewts for what has become the Battle of Dwarf Ford. The heroes = had beaten the Lunars to the punch and had to sacrifice their Lunar = captives and themselves to gain the help of the dragonewts. The heroes = managed to come back [reborn?] from the Utuma as they had preformed a = dragonewt heroquest that the dragonewts themselves were either unwilling = or unable to do.=20
The dragonewts did gain a benefit from this as the heroquest 'seemed' = successful but what it was the heroes didn't find out. The motives of = the dragonewts still evaded the heroes even though they had gained an = insight into dragonewt customs and ways.=20 The bottom line is they got the help from the dragonewts [the battle is = the next part of the game] but was the price too high?


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