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Date: Thu, 30 Sep 2004 14:17:45 -0400

On 30 Sep 2004 at 12:03, Darran:

> Being King of Dragon Pass would help in securing the help of dragonewts =
> but still wouldn't guarantee it. Hiring out at *inhuman* cost isn't =
> wealth. It is not going to cost you X amount of gold pieces and a few =
> gems thrown in. No, the inhuman cost is the ritual sacrifice/suicide of =
> these sent to be negotiators on behalf of whichever side wants to hire =
> them. The heroes getting the help from the dragonewts pay with their =
> very lives, blood and souls as they commit *Utuma*.

Wow, that's nasty. :) I don't think I'll take that for my game, although it is certainly a possible payment the newts might ask. I do agree that the newts almost never ask for just money, they have their own weird alien needs and ask for those. It is *costly*, just not usually in just wealth, as your example so wonderfully demonstrates.

> The Rightarm People are known as Pelaskites, I can assure you of that and
> are definetly a well defined culture, I have spent a long time defining them
> over the last 6 years. I would reveal more by NDA mean that I can't. :-D

You know, Simon, it occurs to me that Joerg and I may be making our lives difficult for no reason. If the coastal and island Pelaskites are not TOO different, then we might have to change all of this when your stuff comes out.

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> That's only where there would have been intermarriages. Real world
> examples from my area show "clannish" coastal fisherfolk right next to
> early 20th century cities - admittedly christianized, but otherwise having
> 700 years or more of history as a separate subculture. Meaning marriage
> arrangements which differ from the farmers in the hinterland, different
> emphasis in church services, etc. Quite often a separate language
> survived, too, as with the north Frisians.

Cool. I'm glad to have some solid RW backup to our little experiment here.

> I'm inclined to have Pelaskos die or disappear during the Greater
> Darkness, like the Thunder Brothers and the Weaver Women. If so, other
> survival helpers will figure in Pelaskite worship.

So he gets brought back at the Dawn?

> And the first "Theyalans" to reach Old Karse were most likely Argan Argar
> traders sent by the OOO, back in the Gray Age.

Which could explain why we want them (in line with the old Carse supplement) to have some strong matrilineal influences.  

> The "man rune of five elements" magic society from HQ-MoLaD seems to
> suggest that Ludoch are an accepted part. Do they refer to IFWW, or are
> they simply hung up with the man rune idea? They appear to be worshipping
> the holyness in Belintar's Holy Country.

I don't see why there wouldn't be Ludoch in IFWW. I don't seem to recall it being limited to humans only.  


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