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Date: Thu, 30 Sep 2004 20:31:06 +0200

Joerg Baumgartner

> <Sea god husband of Esrola>
> > Oops, I meant Faralinthor, Esrolia is of course a lusty widow :-)
> Keeping some of the gifts of control over sea creatures she received from
> her husband, making a subcult similar to Goose Girl feasible. However,

> this might be treading on Choralinthor's mythical territory.

I don't know elsewhere, but RW autumn is the season of equinoctial tides and in my area it's a good time for harvesting mussels as well as beets. In spring it's to be avoided because they breed and grow in summer.

> > So much as Heort refounds the Vingkotlings, there is a cultural hero who
> > re-learns the Pelaskos mysteries?
> I had Pelaskos rather in a Vingkot-like role. A hero rediscovering how to
> access the Pelaskos ways in the Silver Age (after the Godtime magics had
> changed and new ways had to be found, see Hantrafal) would be nice to
> know, so that we get a minor Silver Age hero for the Pelaskites.

I thought Pelaskos was a Silver Age god (or hero, why not).

> >> >> and the founder hero (in a role similar to Heort, who took a foreign
> >> >> woman, too, whose foreign origins the Heortlings keep silent about).
> >> >> There may be something to the perceived licentiousness of Pelaskite
> >> >> women in Karse ("famous for its brothels") which could be cultural,
> >> >> or could be caused by the nature of the city god.

Someone considered that some Pelaskites may be polygamous. When Joerg said the treaty wife thing, and the brothels (pleasure wives?) etc.

To LC, I am more familiar with mussel and sardine deities than oysters or whatever, I am French but I don't live far from Belgium.


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