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From: Jane Williams <>
Date: Thu, 30 Sep 2004 19:58:49 +0100

> >> There's tribes and Tribes. The four great Tribes (Volsaxi,
> >> Jondalarings, Hurlant and Esvulari) are subdivided into smaller
> >> groups which are called
> >> (surprise...) "tribes" rather than superclans.
> > Unless they're literate, the lower-case/upper-case
> distinction will be
> > a bit difficult to follow.
> I know...
> > I'm all in favour of authentic confusion, but won't this
> make it a bit
> > hard for us non-natives?
> Exactly my feelings on the subject.

It sounds horrible, but "super-tribe" and "sub-tribe"? "Great Tribe" as opposed to "tribe"?

> However, google for
> "hendriki" and "nation" to witness past fires,

Noooo!!! I remember those fires all too well, thank you!

> >> That's a problem with the Illaro dynasty - too few
> >> children for an extended royal clan, unless you pull
> similar stunts
> >> to those legitimizing the majority of the Argraths.
> > What, like blatant lies?
> Call me an idealist, but then I believe that one cannot
> become an Argrath if one knows all four great-grandpas and
> great-grandmas for sure, unless one of those was a known
> royal family member or bastard. Kallyr is about the only
> Argrath with a known royal descent.

We might need a different thread if we're going to go round that discussion again, but in any case it's been altered by Greg & co splitting all the different Argraths up. As I recall, we ended up with three of them (not counting Kallyr), and all three had royal blood in there somewhere. But yes, we now have two official lines of royal descent for Argraths (we made up the one for AWB), and half a dozen or so guys claimimg the name. Not enough bloodlines to go round.

> >>> I do like the swashbuckling, that's cool, although I thought
> >>> Humakti were grimmer than that.
> >> See Jane's reply for tons of sense.

> > ??? Can I quote you on that?
> As a reply I can quote you, from above:
> "I doubt if I've said much of relevance, [...]"

Oh. OK. I'd still like to know who it was who put lace-trimmed Humakti into GAG, myself.

> > Though also take a look at the River Ritual in Sun County. No
> > competition there.
> Still a hero having to prove himself.

Yes, but not competition *between* heroes. A subtle difference.

BTW, might I suggest a look at the myths from the Isle of Man in your attempts to create a fishing-based culture? I don't know of web sources off-hand, but I picked up a book or two when I was up there a few years ago, and was struck by how very Gloranthan they seemed to be. Celts with added Vikings, no Roman influence, and myths all about the wind and the sea. And some great folk music!

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