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>Me: I'm not certain that the Pelaskites are that well-defined as a
separate culture. I think that the humans that fish on the Mirrorsea worship Pelaskos and associated things, regardless of whether they live in Nochet, Karse, the Right-Arm or Left-Arm Islands. However, I think there social and family arrangements are probably defined by other gods or goddesses (Orlanth and Ernalda in Heortland, Ernalda=20

>Simon: The Rightarm People are known as Pelaskites, I can assure you of
that and are definetly a well defined culture, I have spent a long time defining them over the last 6 years. I would reveal more by NDA mean that I can't. :-D

I have no problem with this - I think the term "Pelaskite" is being used very broadly to include not just Rightarmers, but the Heortlending and Esrolian fisherfolk on the Mirrorsea. I think a Rightarmer is a distinct cultural group and has been since the Dawn. I don't think the same can be said about the fisherfolk of Karse who happen to worship Pelaskos.



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