Re: [Glorantha]Gods and many marriages

From: Paul Andrew King <>
Date: Thu, 30 Sep 2004 23:09:17 +0100

> > Seems to me that Pelaskos has many wives in many ports. :)
>I think that is probably very true. But then that seems to be a
>recurring godly motif.

Given what can be done HeroQuesting, the effects of God Learner meddling and good old-fashioned syncretism it seems to be inevitable for any God or Goddess for whom marital fidelity is not a major virtue.

"The T'ang emperors were strong believers in the pills of 
immortality.  More emperors died of poisoning from ingesting minerals 
in the T'ang than in any other dynasty" - Eva Wong _The Shambhala 
Guide to Taoism_

Paul K.

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