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> Someone considered that some Pelaskites may be polygamous. When
> Joerg said the treaty wife thing, and the brothels (pleasure
> wives?) etc.

Actually, if we're going with the known looseness of Pelaskite women thing, I'd vote for polyandrous, myself. (Or just polyamourous in general.)  

> To LC, I am more familiar with mussel and sardine deities than
> oysters or whatever, I am French but I don't live far from
> Belgium.

One of my vices is les moules et les frites. :)_  

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Jane Williams  

> It sounds horrible, but "super-tribe" and "sub-tribe"? "Great Tribe" as
> opposed to "tribe"?

I think Great Tribe has some potential.  

> BTW, might I suggest a look at the myths from the Isle of Man in your
> attempts to create a fishing-based culture? I don't know of web sources
> off-hand, but I picked up a book or two when I was up there a few years
> ago, and was struck by how very Gloranthan they seemed to be. Celts with
> added Vikings, no Roman influence, and myths all about the wind and the
> sea. And some great folk music!

That's really not a bad idea at all. The Isle of Man should have some very good stuff for specific myths. Although I don't know how well the Atlantic tracks to our lovely Mirrorsea Bay.

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Jeff Richard

> I have no problem with this - I think the term "Pelaskite" is being used
> very broadly to include not just Rightarmers, but the Heortlending and
> Esrolian fisherfolk on the Mirrorsea. I think a Rightarmer is a
> distinct cultural group and has been since the Dawn. I don't think the

> same can be said about the fisherfolk of Karse who happen to worship
> Pelaskos.

Except that from what I've been led to believe (don't know the citation), Karse is a survival center of Pelaskite culture, which implies to me that this is something different than just "fishermen".


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