[Glorantha]Ducks at Karse; Eels

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The twue story of Davi Quackett and his small band of Durulz volunteers in the seige of Karse has yet to be told.

But I'm sure it's hewoic...and twagic.

Interesting note on eel reproduction, only the female eel travels to the sea to lay her eggs and then die. Females also roam much further inland, while the slacker males congregate closer to the coast, I suppose, since the females have to pass by anyway. Typical.

The baby eels, called "elvers", spend 1 1/2 to 2 years in the ocean before returning to land. I recall an episode of the BBC program "Floyd on Fish" where he caught elvers with a small net and cooked them right on the boat. They were nearly transparent when caught and looked like pasta when cooked.

Sugared Eels

"First, wash him in water and salt; then pull off his skin below his vent and not
much further; having done that, take out his guts as clean as you can, but wash him not: Then give him 3 or 4 scotches [slashes] with a knife; and then put into his belly and those scotches sweet herbs, an anchovy, and a little nutmeg grated or cut very small; and your herbs and anchovies must also be cut very small, and mixed with good butter and sugar: having done this; then pull his skin back over him all but his head, which you are to cut off, to
the end you may tie his skin about that part where his head grew, and it must be so tied as to keep all his moisture within his skin; and having done this, tie him with tape and pack-thread to a spit and roast him leisurely, and
baste him with water and sugar till his skin breaks, and then with butter and
sugar; and having roasted him enough, let what was put into his belly, and what he drips, be his sauce."

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