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"Jeff Richard"

> OK, let me make one thing clear - I think there is a difference between
> the folk of the Right (and for that matter Left) Arms and the coastal
> fisherfolk of Heortland and Esrolia.

> Karse was, at the time of the Dawn, Islander Pelaskite. Maybe the
> original home of that culture, maybe not. Don't know when the Arms were
> settled.

This brings us back to the "Karse was a survival center at the Dawn." Basically, that Karse and the Islands are the two survival point of Pelaskite culture. The Ludoch help the Right Armers, the ones in Karse survive due to something else. That splits those two cultures.

Mind you, although this idea is fixed in my head, I have no citation to prove it. I'm not sure who brought it up and has evidence.

I think that new settlement was probably Heortling - with a
> Pelaskos cult.

You're right that Heortling's settled new Karse. But the idea is that the Pelaskite fisher culture never left. They've survived as a small, but distinct individual culture.

> Although I'm sure it has a little fishing fleet, I think Karse gets most
> of its food from the Suchara Vale (probably by purchase from the local
> farmers). Some of the local fishers are no doubt Islanders, others are
> from coastal Esrolia or Heortland. They probably all worship Pelaskos
> and are probably all called "Pelaskites". But I don't think that they
> form a separate culture - the Islander fisherfolk are still recognizably
> Islander, the Esrolian fisherfolk are still recognizably Esrolian, and
> the Heortlander fishers (probably the biggest group) are recognizably
> Heortlings.

That's the debate. I don't know if there is any evidence one way or the other. There are certainly just "fisher-folk" along the coasts. I've been convinced that the term "Pelaskite" is not synonymous with "fisherman". In other words, there is a difference between the Pelaskite culture that survived the Darkness and the Heortlings who have taken up fishing.  

> I don't think the Islanders are Heortlings. Or necessarily even
> Orlanthi - they are whatever Simon says they are. But I think most
> Heortlending coastal fisherfolk are probably Heortlings.

Very possible, but not the same thing as saying there is still a large Pelaskite culture in Karse. (and possibly a few other places along the coast)  

> Yeah, but I don't think that society has been predominant in Karse for a
> very long time.

It hasn't. It hasn't been predominant in Karse for an age. But it is still important, which is not the same thing.

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Jane Williams

> Probably not at all, but since the IoM is in the Irish Sea, the lack of
> similarity to the Atlantic is something we can live with.

I stand duly chastised. :-)

> (Though even so, I suspect the Irish Sea is somewhat rougher than the
> Mirrorsea Bay.)

True enough.



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