Re: [Glorantha] Moonlight

From: John English <>
Date: Sun, 3 Oct 2004 23:29:59 +0100

Andrew wrote:

>Earth's sun looks yellow, and produces white light.

Actually (in my experience) Sol is far too bright to look at - unless its really low in which case its red and so is its light!

However I confess that my experience of lunar eclipses is of white light from a red source...confusing!

Context is however relevant: I have a bunch of (cursed) Telmori ravaging the local tula and a PC (pure) Telmori trying to distance himself from it all. They of course transform with the (bloody) moon - if it is! He argues I've got the night all wrong.

Anyone got any views on the strictness of the whole moon/werewolf thing?

As related matters:

What are the "pure" Telmori like? (I've been running them as standard Hsunchen.)

How "werewolf" are the cursed? (ie are they forced to change if they don't have the magics? are they "invulnerable" to non-rune metals away from wildday? etc.)


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