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John English:

>It's been a few years since I was running a Gloranthan game so perhaps I'm
>out of touch but I thought prior to the Lunars silver was associated with
>Yelorna? Where did Uleria come in - I'm intrigued by the love-goddess versus
>virgin-goddess dichotomy?

Silver was identified with Uleria as far back as Elder Secrets, which also gave Silver to Orlanth and the Red Goddess. Yelorna's relationship with Silver is textually older having been presented in the Big Rubble.

However the historical relationships of Uleria and Yelorna viz-a-viz Silver is obscure and no mythical basis for the relationship there has ever been given.

Another factor is that both the known relationships appear to have arisen in the west (Uleria - Seshnela, Yelorna - Ralios) and so we do not know what the Pelorians or the Heortlings associated Silver with before the coming of the Carmanians and the God Learners.

--Peter Metcalfe

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