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John English:

>Context is however relevant: I have a bunch of (cursed) Telmori ravaging the
>local tula and a PC (pure) Telmori trying to distance himself from it all.
>They of course transform with the (bloody) moon - if it is! He argues I've
>got the night all wrong.

>Anyone got any views on the strictness of the whole moon/werewolf thing?

There's two schools of thought. One that the werewolves transform on Wildday and the other that they transform on the Full Moon day. The only evidence that we have is that they transform on Full Moon in Dragon Pass which is the same as Wildday. So pick a school of thought and stick with it.

>What are the "pure" Telmori like? (I've been running them as standard

They are standard Hsunchen but IMO they are only "good" in the sense that they don't turn into werewolves. They consider themselves mythical enemies of humanity (servants of the Trickster) and are more likely to collaborate with their cursed brethern (who for all their sins are still wolves) than with the humans.

This doesn't prevent heroes from the humans or the pure ones trying to make friends with each other. It just makes the job of overcoming the mutual distrust on either side more heroic.

>How "werewolf" are the cursed? (ie are they forced to change if they don't
>have the magics? are they "invulnerable" to non-rune metals away from
>wildday? etc.)

All cursed Telmori change even if they have no changing magic. Immunity to non-rune metals is part of the wolfhide runespell in Runequest (Dorastor:Land of Doom and Gods of Glorantha) and so the answer is yes, both types of Telmori are invulnerable if they change using their changing magic.

--Peter Metcalfe

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