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Date: Fri, 8 Oct 2004 00:14:33 EDT

I wanted to ask if any other Gloranthaphiles had tried using other games systems to play games in Glorantha. I am interested because I am what I think is described as a 'genre-monkey' where the genre is Glorantha, but I like other games and recent reviews have made me think there could be some Glorantha mileage to be had.

Here's a list of games that are Gloranthan or that I know have used to game there:
Dragon Pass/WBRM

Nomad Gods
Runequest 1,2,3
Hero Wars/ Hero Quest
King of Dragon Pass
Monopoly (used for the building of the City of Pavis) Wargaming/skirmish rules

I am intrigued by the possiblities, in descending order of what I think is reasonably going to work, of using (for the idea in brackets): My Life with Master (for Delecti, or perhaps a trollmother/trollkin) Baron Munchausen (for scholars debating history/truth) Diplomacy (for the animal nomads of Prax) Primetime Adventures (for a Glorantha TV series) Pantheon (or 'narrative cage match' as the system is called) Code of Unaris (for godlearner mythhacking) Cluedo (for a Storm Bull detective based Chaos mystery - "the chaos was propitiated in the Alley, with a Lead Pipe, by Shaman Plum" - "no, it was Storm Khan Mustard!")
Go (for an aldryami war between black and white forests)

Any other suggestions?



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