[Glorantha]Colour perception

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Date: Fri, 8 Oct 2004 07:24:33 EDT

Some questions on colour perception and language:

> Some languages use all eleven basic terms, some use as few as two. There is
> no difference in colour *perception* of course, in the same way that a
> tribesperson who can only count to four will be able to recognise, name and
> describe all of the ninety different beasts in their flock.

What sort of cultures only have two basic terms. I might believe inuit or bushmen because the terrain is monotonous colours, but it seems unlikely?

In Glorantha we do have different perceptions, even if only in other races. They do speak so are relevant. Uz see in black and white, and red, but the Indigo Mountain tribe also see Indigo. The Egg of Erg..(someone) appears different colours depending on race. We have accounts of invisible red ropes and the invisible blue moon. There is also the interesting colour based magic of Vormain. Ok, this isn't so much a question as a few points.


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