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Greetings to the GTA,

As some of you may have heard, Matthews Simmons Marketing is sponsoring a National Games Week, a promotional campaign to raise awareness of games as positive, social entertainment. It will be held on November 21-27 of this year. Although Issaries, Inc. is not officially a sponsor of this event, we support its goals of education about gaming and having fun, and wanted to pass on the information to you.

Host Your Own Event
NGW events will take place in homes, schools, churches, colleges, and community centers, not just retail stores. The coordinators hope and expect that events will be run by people such as you. They suggest you invite friends and family, gamer and non-gamer alike. Make your own event wherever you like, or contact your local game retailer to find out what events they are going to run.

NGW Provides The Tools To You
The coordinators of National Game Week will provide tools to make a fun, successful event -- posters, invitation cards, official stamps, information for teachers, even games. On October 15, the web site
<www.nationalgamesweek.net> will launch. Should you decide to become a
member of National Games Week (there is no fee), you can log in to the secure part of the web site and find all sorts of resources that you can order. Some are free (such as the "How To Host a Games Day" kit), some are free but require that you pay shipping and handling, and some you will be charged for (such as promotional packages of products from sponsoring game companies).


National Games Week, and NGW are trademarks owned by Matthews Simmons Marketing. All Rights Reserved.

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