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Andrew Barton <AndrewBarton_at_compuserve.com> writes:
> I wonder what happens in Darktongue? IIRC most trolls can only perceiv=
> these three colours, but they can quest to be able to see more, while
> trollkin have better colour vision. Maybe trollkin have their own cant=

> terms for the extra colours?


> Someone can check the published sources, but I do not beleive that the =
> can see colors at all. Just light and dark.

> Since the trollkin are inferior in every way, I do not think they can
> either, though the idea of SOME of them being able to do so, and hence
> wearing green scarfs as someone had intheir campaign, is just MGF.

This goes back to RQ2 days (as does my campaign). Trollpak, book one Uz Lore, page 24 has a sidebar on Troll senses which says ...

'Trolls do not see as well as humans. ... They are color-blind, seeing on= ly
black, white, shades of grey, and red. ... Trollkin and cave trolls have
better eyes, but this is somewhat of a hindrance to them in daylight, rather than an aid.'

Elsewhere in the same book Trollkin eyes are repeatedly described as 'over-sensitive'.

IMG there is a Trollkin hero resistance leader who gained access to stran= ge
magics, so these could well include some form of colour vision (that he c= an
teach to his followers) even if most of his race don't have it. He would=

have been doomed to fail, but the player heroes helped him a couple of times.

RQ3's 'Elder Races' book in 'Elder Secrets' doesn't say anything explicit=

about colour vision, but it does give Trollkin PCs a slightly better Visu= al
Scan skill than Dark Trolls get. They're still demoralised in sunlight.

John English:

> Don't the Zorak Zorani use red as a sacred colour?

They did in RQ2, which is probably why the Trollpak authors took the line=

they did. RQ3's 'Troll Gods' says that Death Lords prefer blood-red clothing. Maybe it's a ZZ ability, linked to their gain of Fire powers?

The quest to see blue is from a fan publication, The book of Drastic Resolutions, Volume Darkness, p.14 in a piece on Shadows Dance by James Frusetta and Stephen Martin. ' Although most uz are blind to all colors except red ... the trolls of the Indigo Mountain Clans are different.' =

Descendants of the clan founder can enter a special cave, and return able=

to see blue, if they survive. Most other Trolls can't see why anyone wou= ld


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