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From: Silburn, Luke <Luke.Silburn_at_logicacmg.com>
Date: Wed, 13 Oct 2004 12:32:54 +0100

LC on the colour blue:
>>The section on the Greeks disdain for the colour as ugly and barbaric
>>should be fun for Gloranthaphiles.

Interesting. How does this square with a TV 'game-show'[*] I saw last week which asserted that the ancient Greeks didn't have a word for blue (and used their word for 'bronze' when describing the colour of the sky)?

Could Steven Fry[**] have been wrong? Say it ain't so...


[*] I use scare quotes there, because this is that British genre of game show where winning/losing is notional, points scored by the contestants are mostly arbitrary and the objective is simply to fill up half an hour of airtime with entertaining silliness.

[**] Fry is the quizmaster on this show, and reputedly a man with a brain the size of a planet. If you've seen 'Gosford Park', he played the comically dim police inspector.

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