[Glorantha]"Auction: Glorantha OOP"

From: Goihl & Fahey <goihlk_at_zedat.fu-berlin.de>
Date: Thu, 14 Oct 2004 20:23:23 +0200

Hello Folks

I won't be using this group for anything other than providing this = initial notification, so please address any questions directly to my = personal E-mail: ian_thomson555_at_hotmail.com ian_thomson555@
Please do not reply to Daniel=E2=80=99s E-mail address, as he is only = kindly relaying this for me. Do please put "Auction:=E2=80=A6" at the = start of any E-mail subject related to this Auction.

I'm auctioning my surplus Gloranthan material. Because I'm not so = involved these days, I'm re-evaluating my shelf space, and am frankly = also short of a few pennies. There's no point hoarding material that I = never use anymore, though admittedly nostalgia for these pieces which = have played such a huge part in my gaming history has kept them here in = archive for maybe longer than they should have been.

There are a number of Out of Print items and publications of varying = degrees of rarity. If you are interested in having a look, the details = will be available for a little while at: http://hem.bredband.net/b233342/Auction2004.pdf (If you can't read pdfs, mail me directly for the Word file, tho you are = better off to go to adobe.com and download a free copy of Acrobat = Reader, as it is so useful.)

This is the basic list with brief descriptions of each item and = description of bidding process.

I won't be posting any updates of the auction process onto this or any = official list. Rather I'll just put together an E-mail list with all = interested parties in the BCC field, and send an updated list via simple = E-mail every two or three days. (Anyone who wants to opt out just let me = know directly and I'll delete them from that list.) The auction details = will be in a Word file.

Security/Authenticity: Over the last couple of years I've snuck into the = realm of being a professional rpg writer, so I'm easy to track down. I'm = sure there are still a few Gloranthan stalwarts of the old school that = will vouch for me as well.




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