[Glorantha]Map of Nochet City - looking for constructive feedback

From: David Hadden <dhadden_at_therasim.com>
Date: Wed, 20 Oct 2004 16:31:35 -0400

I have been developing a map of Nochet for a campaign that I am running and would like to offer it for suggestions and for those that would like to use it for their campaigns. I would be happy to incorporate any constructive advice or even help that I could get from the Glorantha community.

I am a beginner to Glorantha so please keep that in mind. My purpose in opening this up to others is to make it available to anyone that would like to use it and to get suggestions from the experts to make it more accurate and authentic.

I have synthesized as much original ideas as I could find on the net so I don't take credit for most of the content in here. If you need to be credited for anything on the map PLEASE TELL ME and I'll be use to put you in there.

Please take this in the spirit that it is offered. I am not trying to lay any claims of authorship here, just providing a cool map, which, with some help, might be a valuable addition to games based in Esrolia.

The map itself is based on a public domain ancient earth city map that I have heavily modified with Photo Shop. You have to use Explorer to view all the special features of the map and it is big (2Mb), with a lot of detail so it may take a minute to load.

The map, legend and some other related materials can be found here;



Dave Hadden

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