RE: [Glorantha]Working Detailed Map of Nochet

From: Jane Williams <>
Date: Wed, 20 Oct 2004 21:20:11 +0100

> The map itself is based on an ancient earth city map
> that I have heavily modified with Photo Shop. You
> have to use Explorer to view all the special features
> of the map and it is big (2Mb), with a lot of detail
> so it may take a minute to load.
> The map, legend and some other related materials can
> be found here;

Wow! Nice stuff!

What was the original city, just as a matter of interest?

As far as I can see you're not yet a member of the Digital Glorantha list

which I'm sure would be happy to discuss the technical aspects of mapping.

In terms of sources, I take it you're familiar with MOB's work on the area?

has most of it, but look at the rest of his site as well.

I've got a story set there, in the Humakt temple, but sadly that's about people, not places, and barely describes the temple itself. It's not on-line at present (and won't be until Magnus Liber Rerum has sold out), but here's the complete description for you.

"Sword Hall at dawn is a quiet place, deceptively peaceful. The thick walls
cut out the noise of the great city of Nochet beyond, and the early morning
light brings out the classic, formal beauty of the colonnade."

And it's got an "audience gallery". Sorry, all the rest of the story is about people (and a fight).

If you happen to know of a tavern or two nearby, that would help me write the sequel :)

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