[Glorantha]Crop yield and Magic

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Date: Fri, 22 Oct 2004 09:28:24 -0700


> From: ALISON PLACE <alison_place_at_yahoo.com>


> I've got a question that I thought might interest
> the great collective (though frequently schizophrenic)
> mind of the digest, while helping me in my game. I
> was checking up on crop yield figures (sparked by
> Chris Graham's question), and wondered what numerical
> effect Bless Crops (or any other similar ritual) would
> have.

Just for the record, it is in my calculations that the "average clan" has the "average amount of magic" and, using this wisely and according to tradition, they yield the same "average yield" as the fields of our own dear earth did under pre-industrial conditons.


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