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> From: Chris Graham <dr_chris_graham_at_yahoo.co.uk>


> Could you boost the effect of magic/rune spells by devoting more power backed
> behind community rituals.

In my own computations, I figure that the normal yields are ALWAYS boosted by the entire community. Thus the magic PLUS the entire community yields roughly the same output as pre-industrial farming in Europe.

> What's to stop neighbouring communities boosting
> your ceremony with the expectation of the reciprocal when you perform the
> same ritual.

Two things:
The fact that their own crop would be badly diminished. Custom.

> Of course if dependant on a specific date it falls apart.

A significent oint, since these rites are generally held on specified holy days.

> But
> what stops a roving band/next door neighbours boosting your ceremonal powers?

They would have to be part of your cult, which means a roving band would probably not have commited people to a non-mobile farming entity.

> Of course dependent on the favourable relations you have with neighbours.

Always a questionable situation, too.

-Greg Stafford

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