Re: [Glorantha]Crop yield

From: Henk Langeveld <>
Date: Sun, 24 Oct 2004 21:54:04 +0200

Chris Graham wrote:
> Himm a perverse thought came into my mind, after drinking a bottle of
> wine. Could you boost the effect of magic/rune spells by devoting
> more power backed behind community rituals. What's to stop
> neighbouring communities boosting your ceremony with the expectation
> of the reciprocal when you perform the same ritual. Of course if
> dependant on a specific date it falls apart. But what stops a roving
> band/next door neighbours boosting your ceremonal powers? Of course
> dependent on the favourable relations you have with neighbours. But
> it could be a win win situation. Opportunities for brokerage by
> Issaries? Potential for strained relationships ruining a ceremony?
> Pardon the drunken ramblings of an MBA.

An interesting idea. It's just what you consider the ritual to be. Are you investing some of your clan/family magic in the fields? If you do, you've got less to share with the neighbours. Is it just sitting around and chanting a bit? With this being Glorantha, I don't think you get away with that.

No wine, just two days without caffeine...


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