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From: Donald R. Oddy <>
Date: Sun, 24 Oct 2004 13:29:33 GMT

In message <> Chris Graham writes:
>Himm a perverse thought came into my mind, after drinking a bottle of
>wine. Could you boost the effect of magic/rune spells by devoting more
>power backed behind community rituals. What's to stop neighbouring
>communities boosting your ceremony with the expectation of the reciprocal
>when you perform the same ritual. Of course if dependant on a specific
>date it falls apart. But what stops a roving band/next door neighbours
>boosting your ceremonal powers? Of course dependent on the favourable
>relations you have with neighbours. But it could be a win win situation.
>Opportunities for brokerage by Issaries? Potential for strained
>relationships ruining a ceremony? Pardon the drunken ramblings of an MBA.

I'd assume the default was full community support for rituals as important as enhancing crop yields. As far as neighbouring communities are concerned the main reason they won't be able to support will be a clash of dates but I'm sure it happens sometime. Equally there will be cases where a feud with neighbours means they try and disrupt your rituals. I'm sure one of the trickier management jobs in Glorantha is to decide which rituals are performed and when - there isn't time to do them all every year.

>Was turning over the continued thought of a "run Rabbit hat farm"
>farming scenario. Thinking of not only 'you're the lord controling the
>collective land' yet also you're the 'oppressed farmer with this B******
>of a lord wanting you to grow this much barley and also patrol the land
>to counter threats of the community'. How much democratic powers would
>a free farmer have to map out their own destiny. Apologies again but I
>have had a bottle of wine.

Which particular free farmers do you have in mind? There's a bit of a clash between the ideas of "free farmer" and "lord controlling". At one extreme you've the Orlanthi who can't be made to do anything while at the other you've got Seshnelan peasants who get fined if they don't go to worship ceremonies.

>Is there anyone from the seatle farming collective I could contact
>regarding this sort of farming scenario.

Donald Oddy

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