Re: [Glorantha]More on Crop Yield

From: Stephen Tempest <>
Date: Mon, 25 Oct 2004 00:26:05 +0100 writes:

>In my own computations, I figure that the normal yields are ALWAYS =
boosted by
>the entire community. Thus the magic PLUS the entire community yields =
>the same output as pre-industrial farming in Europe.

Would that be better stated as: "the normal yield PLUS the magic., community support, etc, MINUS the depredations of Chaos, trollkin eating the seedcorn, Gagarthi winds blowing down the standing barley, Hollri freezing the fields, etc, yields roughly the same output as pre-industrial farming in Europe." ? In other words, Glorantha is as fertile as Earth, and the good magic normally cancels out the bad magic. Or, is it your intention that in its natural state, Glorantha is actually far less fertile than our own world?


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