[Glorantha]Vile Anti-Duck Slanders!

From: Michael Cule <mikec_at_room3b.demon.co.uk>
Date: Mon, 25 Oct 2004 22:29:38 +0100

> Carl Fink <carlf_at_fink.to>

He say:
>I know the origin of the intelligent Ducks.


>My memory of them is that they're belligerent, nonflying birds, prone
>to joining Storm religions but despised and hated by local Storm tribes
>despite that, in some ways even worse than the wolf people.
Despised, yes. Oppressed yes. Hated? Not that I know of.

>Now, relate that to the real-world fact that ducks, or rather drakes,
>are among the very few birds to have a penis. (Most birds have a
>simple cloaca.) Why? Because they are are also the only birds that
>reproduce largely by rape. The drakes hold down the much-smaller ducks
>and force copulation on them.
>Conclusion: the ancestor of the intelligent ducks was produced when
>Ragnaglar attacked some poor Bird Ancestor. They're related to the
>Storm tribes and have Storm affinities, but neither they nor the human
>Storm worshippers likes to talk about why, and although they aren't
>chaos-tainted, their association with the Bringer of Chaos makes those
>humans fear and dislike them.

Humph! All *my* Ducks have happy family lives and Jewish Mothers who nag them to death. Their tendency to rape is no greater than that of their human neighbours.

I think this falls apart in a Gloranthan setting due to the existence of the serene, non-despised Keets in the Far East. A group of sentient birds (including Ducks) they are regarded as odd, but only the chaotic pteredactyl Keets are actually hated or despised.

In my Glorantha (and I've written up my myth of Mother Duck: it's in TRADETALK somewhere) the Keets are the ones who remember why they gave up the power of flight to help save the world. The Durulz are those who left the Spike when Orlanth slew Yelm. They turned to the worship of the Storm and forgot their heritage.

Michael Cule

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