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Date: Tue, 26 Oct 2004 23:32:44 +0000

>From: Peter Metcalfe

>All sorcerous magic accesses an otherworld entity, whether it be God (for
>the Malkioni), the Cosmos (for the Zzaburi) or the World Machine (for the

Ah, this is probably the source of my confusion. I had a mental picture of the essence planes as
being a impersonal, inactive, passive stores of power that could be taken
and used various purposes
(c.f. the negative energy plane in D&D). Sure, they may be dominated by the Invisible God, various
Saints, plus sundry others (Mostal, etc) who facilitated magic to their worshippers but deep down I
believed that sorcerial atheists could (somehow) tap into an essence plane
and perform magic of a
sorcerous nature without depending on (or even in spite of) any otherworld entities.

But perhaps this just comes down to my (lack of) understanding of Glorantha.

Are you unable to do anything that relates to an otherworld without first having a relationship with
the appropriate otherworld entity?

Does no species of magic exist where the practitioner's ability to work magic depends soley on their
own abilities (plus the capacity to tap potential power sources as required)?




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