[Glorantha]Re: Secret Origins of the Anatids

From: Philipp Grawe <pgrawe_at_telstra.com>
Date: Thu, 28 Oct 2004 12:15:02 +1000

From: Carl Fink (carlf_at_fink.to)
> Conclusion: the ancestor of the intelligent ducks was produced when
> Ragnaglar attacked some poor Bird Ancestor. They're related to the
> Storm tribes and have Storm affinities, but neither they nor the
> human Storm worshippers likes to talk about why, and although they
> aren't chaos-tainted, their association with the Bringer of Chaos
> makes those humans fear and dislike them

That is so cool that it just has to be true.

Imagine it as a campaign sideline. The Hero Wars will change the world, as the PCs discover The Awful Truth About Ducks (dun-dun-daaaah),

Powerful enough to shatter the duck world and divide it forever.

People will kill to keep it a secret, families divided, clans at war against each other.


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