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Date: Tue, 2 Nov 2004 15:59:51 +0200 (EET)

Dear Terra,

No matter how I searched, I didn't the message you said you sent to the digest in any of the archives or my digest mails themselves. I fear that that makes my reply, that just came back to me in a digest, seem awfully silly. Perhaps your message could have been filtered out as spam or something?

Olli Kantola

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On Mon, 1 Nov 2004, TERRA INCOGNITA wrote:

> Below is my latest post to Glorantha Digest.....
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> Subject: Worst Example for....
>> Worst Example for designing of Kralorela.......?
>> Eliot Pattison's Detective Novels
>> http://www.eliotpattison.com/
>> <<Ohh, modern Chinese are bad! They are not good example, or at least, not
>> good guys to our sample for Kralori = Tibetan Tantrists = Chinese...>>
>> Yeah, but fine detective stories and good example what they can do while
>> westerns sleeping peacefully in their bed......(evil grin)
>> About my article of Lur Nop......
>> (Some of Olli's change which I am difficult to accept.....but this is non
>> canon but simply my choice for my Glorantha.)
>> p. 5 Overview.....
>> Kethaelan Presence in Lur Nop. About Karse's size? Population
>> I am not sure why handrans were included to the category, and is it
>> plausible that Kralori "servants" serving faithfully foreign devils can be
>> near of Kralorelans.....
>> IIRC, I said to Joerg Lur Nop's size of the city is larger than Nochet
>> though its population is much low than Nochet, because its thin density.
> But
>> I am not sure why Olli inserted the name of Karse here......I think
> handrans
>> should have less ignored than kethaelans, see the Tradetalk article.....
>> Lur Nop: Karse is Large City in the category of Old Genertela Box.
>> Nochet is that of Metropolis (more than 25000). Karse is just a large city
>> (6000-25000) in Genertela Box.
>> See Joerg's current musing.
>> http://www.seedwiki.com/page.cfm?doc=City%20of%20Karse&wikiid=7069&wpid=
>> p. 9 Second Battle Field of Heseroon Marn
>> Fen Ko Ru general of NDR. or Selelan? It is unreasonable to read the name
> of
>> Can Shu here.....I think Can Shu's notoriety wasn't so large before his
>> exile to north IMG. of course and Olli has right to alter it.
>> If his assumption is right to make straight line, Can Shu has lived long
>> more than mere mortal man and evil before his exile to north.
>> p.9 Scholastics and Poets
>> My image of debate of scholars are in Sung Dynasty Confucians, great
>> philosophers debated for the righteousness between legalism and
>> humanism....not just a ruffians.......One of such scholars was called
>> founder of "Feng Shui" art......
>> Of course, I am biased toward of my own preference and it is not debatable
>> matter, I love illustration and other parts of article of ZL #2, suomi
>> people did fine job for it without my poor help, but worst of it is that
> the
>> article was too short! (I expected more Kralorela material. I don't know
>> anything about ZL #3, if there is another plan.)
>> TI

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