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From: John Galloway <gallowayja_at_hotmail.com>
Date: Wed, 03 Nov 2004 21:59:02 +0000

Simon Hibbs:

>This depends on what you mean by Atheists. Malkioni aren't etheists,
>they are Monotheists. Mostali aren't realy atheists either. They do
>seem to regard Mostal as being a living, creative, universal force.

I suppose what I'm asking is...

If the Invisible God didn't exist, if Mostal didn't exist, if no 'essential' otherworld entities existed would the Essence planes still exist? If so would mortal beings be able to discover rituals, heroquests, etc. which allowed them to use sorcerous magic from this entity-less plane to cast spells?

Now put the Invisible God, Mostal, and the rest back into the picture. Would my atheist magicians still be able to do their magic? By 'atheist' I mean that they acknowledge the existence of otherworld beings but don't 'believe in them', don't interact with them, prefering instead to rely on their own capacities and abilities.

Note that the people I'm describing do not view the essence planes (or the world itself for that matter) as beings or powers. Rather they see the otherworld (and the mundane world) as a resource to be plundered and exploited.

Now as I see it there are several responses to the scenario that I have outlined...

  1. Yes, all this is possible but no-one's ever tried it.
  2. Yes, this has been tried before but since they no longer exist the approach was seen as a failure.
  3. Yes, the <insert name here> people do this.
  4. No, they are deluding themselves. The very fact that their magic (from the essence plane) works >proves< that an otherworld being on the essence plane is helping them whether they acknowlege it or not.
  5. No, this approach is incompatible with the very nature of Glorantha.

Which one is it? (or have I missed another possibility? ;-) )


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