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In message <> "John Galloway" writes:

>Note that the people I'm describing do not view the essence planes (or
>the world itself for that matter) as beings or powers. Rather they see
>the otherworld (and the mundane world) as a resource to be plundered and
>Now as I see it there are several responses to the scenario that I have
>A) Yes, all this is possible but no-one's ever tried it.
>B) Yes, this has been tried before but since they no longer exist the
>approach was seen as a failure.
>C) Yes, the <insert name here> people do this.
>D) No, they are deluding themselves. The very fact that their magic
>(from the essence plane) works >proves< that an otherworld being
>on the essence plane is helping them whether they acknowlege it
>or not.
>E) No, this approach is incompatible with the very nature of
>Which one is it? (or have I missed another possibility? ;-) )

I'd say it's C. They're called sorcerers and briefly described in HQ pg. 155 under Sorcery Schools. That's not to say everyone described as a sorcerer actually views the essence plane that way.

Also it's possible that D is correct and the Rokari Church will use the Hero Wars to prove it by burning all sorcerers at the stake.

Donald Oddy


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