[Glorantha]Non-being Sorcery

From: Greg Stafford <greg_at_glorantha.com>
Date: Thu, 4 Nov 2004 18:00:11 -0600 (CST)


> From: "John Galloway" <gallowayja_at_hotmail.com>

asks about sorcery origins, with various options.

> If the Invisible God didn't exist, if Mostal didn't exist, if no
> 'essential' otherworld entities existed would the Essence planes still
> exist? If so would mortal beings be able to discover rituals, heroquests,
> etc. which allowed them to use sorcerous magic from this entity-less
> plane to cast spells?

I want to say that even many Malkioni would deny that the Invisible God is a "being" in any sense of the word. The Loskalmi know it as the Prime Mover, and many consider anyone who thinks it is a "being" are simpletons.

Even many Mostali deny tht Mostal is a "being," but is a machine, the Cosmic Machine.

> Note that the people I'm describing do not view the essence planes (or
> the world itself for that matter) as beings or powers. Rather they see
> the otherworld (and the mundane world) as a resource to be plundered and
> exploited.

The above is a key to MY answer...
Which is

> C) Yes, the Brithini people do this.

Greg Stafford

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