Re: [Glorantha]RE: Mostal

From: Andrew Solovay <>
Date: Thu, 4 Nov 2004 18:21:13 -0800

John Galloway <> wrote:
> I suppose what I'm asking is...
> If the Invisible God didn't exist, if Mostal didn't exist, if no
> 'essential' otherworld entities existed would the Essence planes still
> exist? If so would mortal beings be able to discover rituals,
> heroquests, etc. which allowed them to use sorcerous magic from this
> entity-less plane to cast spells?

It seems to me that that's like asking about *our* world, "If the all-powerful 'invisible God' didn't exist, would there still be trees and rocks and water and stars?"

Theists will firmly say, "No."

Atheists will firmly say, "What are you talking about? God *doesn't* exist, and all those other things *do* exist. So clearly the answer is 'yes'."

So Gloranthans who don't believe in the Invisible God must, naturally, believe that the essence planes do not owe their existence to any such chimerical being. And Gloranthans who *do* believe in the Invisible God believe that not just the essence planes, but everything else as well, owe their existence (directly or indirectly) to that God.

...unless I'm greatly misunderstanding Gloranthan monotheism, which is entirely possible.

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