[Glorantha]Not Gloranthan related - but might be interesting to some one.

From: Petersen, Soren <soren.petersen_at_sap.com>
Date: Fri, 5 Nov 2004 11:36:34 +0100

Hi all,

Sorry for bringing up a non-Gloranthan topic, but some of you might be interested anyway.

Bethesda Softworks announces the game "The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion".

You might remember the game Morrowind. One of the lead designers on that was Ken Rolston who also worked with Glorantha in the Avalon Hill days. There was some elements of Morrowind which felt 'Gloranthan', including the occupying Empire, the cults and the alien fauna and flora. The new game, which will probably not be out until the middle of 2006, will take place mostly in the Empire and the capital of Cyrodiil. It should have a 'Roman' feel to it.

You can check out the overview at www.elderscrolls.com/games/oblivion_overview.htm

We now return you to your regular scheduled Gloranthan messages... :)

Soren Petersen,
Galway, Ireland


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