[Glorantha]Re: God of Protective Snow?

From: Simon Phipp <soltakss_at_yahoo.com>
Date: Fri, 5 Nov 2004 13:24:31 +0000 (GMT)

Joerg Baumgartner:

> Maddy Eid on Gloranthan Cooking Yahoogroup:
> >> Who's responsible for generous snow cover in
> >> Glorantha? Heler is rain; is he also snow?
> Jane Williams:
> > I don't think he is, no, but I'm struggling to think who the right
> > deity is.
> > Hostile snow is Valind. Ice is Inora. There's some of Valind's
> > assistants listed on TR p123, but I can't see any indication of snow
> > being a *good* thing.
> Must be those highlanders who really get snowed in, not the lowlanders who
> get deep frost instead when there is no snow.
> One name which came to my mind is Ivarne, Heort's wife, aka "Frozen
> Woman". Heort rescued her out of ice, after a long sleep. We have no idea
> who froze her (but Valind comes easily to mind). How about a myth how
> Ivarne tricked Valind into covering her with snow to shelter her from the
> worst cold?

I'd have thought Inora would be a good candidate. She is looked upon by the Praxians as benevolent and has a home in the Rockwoods, so could affect Dragon Pass as well. I have always given her the Snow Blanket which protects plants against the cold by covering them in a blanket of snow.

> > We could if it was him.... Can we somehow have Valind as a husband
> > of Ernalda? Male and within range, after all.
> Maybe a myth how Valind tried to be her husband during Orlanth's exile,
> and failed to produce offspring? After all we get motivation (Valind was
> part of the conspiracy which led to O's exile) and opportunity in one
> place.
> > Or possibly a minor member of the Ice Tribe who serves Ernalda (or
> > rather, Esrola)?
> Same difficulty: both Heler and Elmal produce offspring, Valind doesn't,
> except maybe among the Hendarli (winter-grown hops).

Why doesn't Valind produce offspring? Ygg is a son of Valind as are a number of Giants. Hend Valindsson, I think, is mentioned in King of Sartar when Argrath protects him aginst the Kalikos HeroQuestor.

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