[Glorantha]Re:Non-being Sorcery

From: simon_hibbs2 <simon.hibbs_at_marconi.com>
Date: Fri, 05 Nov 2004 15:18:32 -0000

Greg Stafford:

>I want to say that even many Malkioni would deny that the
>Invisible God is a "being" in any sense of the word. The Loskalmi
>know it as the Prime Mover, and many consider anyone who thinks
>it is a "being" are simpletons.
>Even many Mostali deny tht Mostal is a "being," but is a machine,
>the Cosmic Machine.

For more on this, I recommend "A History of God" by Karen Armstrong. Many of the concepts she discusses there are directly relevent to Gloranthan theology, particularly in the West but more generaly too. The first chapter also touches on the timeless nature, and cosmological role of ritual in the ancient world. It realy is an excellent book.

Simon Hibbs

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