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Joerg Baumgartner wrote:
> Maddy Eid on Gloranthan Cooking Yahoogroup:
> >> Who's responsible for generous snow cover in
> >> Glorantha? Heler is rain; is he also snow?
> Jane Williams:
> > I don't think he is, no, but I'm struggling to think who the right
> > deity is.
> > Hostile snow is Valind. Ice is Inora. There's some of Valind's
> > assistants listed on TR p123, but I can't see any indication of snow
> > being a *good* thing.
> Must be those highlanders who really get snowed in, not the lowlanders =
> get deep frost instead when there is no snow.

I wrote up Inora for a player [new the HeroQuest and Glorantha] who = wanted to play a devotee of her. Below is what I had done for him. =20
Inora, the Goddess of Snow

Inora is the daughter of Valind the Glacier and Coldara the mighty =

mountain.  Inora is the goddess of the mountain snow, the beneficial =
winter.  She is the winter goddess of the hill folk of Sartar for she=20
blankets the ground with frost and snow to protect the land from her =
fathers icy blasts and freezing winds. She preserves plants, fodder and = food until the spring thaw when she releases life-giving water on the = fertile land. =20
She also aids the lost or solitary in the winter, helping hunters and = trappers find their way through the snow bound passes and vales of the = high hills and mountains. She helped the Heortlings in the Darkness by = teaching them to ski and snow-walk and to make the tools needed to = survive the harsh winter. =20
Yet some think of her as cruel and heartless but she is simply proud and = aloof for the winter calls for stark choices to be made and any mistake = means a cold death. =20
She also aids the Heortlings from their enemies by isolating and hiding = villages and trails from their view and bringing on the silent = avalanches of snow to bury alive their foes.

White Queen (Call Ice Daemon, Call Snow Sprite, Command Ice Daemon, = Command Snow Sprite, Freeze Air, Freeze Water, Frost Trail, Make Heart = Cold)=20

Snow (Call Snow Fall, Call Blue Snow, Call Black Snow, Ice Blade, Snow = Blind, Snowdrift, Ski Slide) =20

Secret: Call Avalanche (An engulfing avalanche that effects the whole = area is called. Requires there to be heavy snow fall so only usable in = winter or in snow capped mountains)

Other Side: Inora commands the Great Glacier.


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