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From: John English <>
Date: Sun, 21 Nov 2004 10:20:08 -0000

If people are lacking something to discuss you could try this one out for size:

Does anyone know anything about Gloranthan alphabets?

We recently had the characters discover an ancient scroll written in Sartarite. While there was a Sartarite-speaking character in the party he was illiterate. However our literate Pavisite suggested that he simply read the scroll out loud phonetically and then the Sartarite could work out what it meant.

I (having intended the scroll to be the spur for a visit to the Grey Sages) ruled that this was impossible as Pavic and Sartarite didn't use a common script but I don't know if this was "true"!

In the RW there are far fewer scripting systems than languages (in Europe we only have Roman, Greek and Cyrillic but dozens of countries, many of which have more than one language) and so the players trick could have worked. IIRC there was a list of spoken languages in the RQ Glorantha: Genertela pack but I don't recall having seen anything about written language.



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