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From: John English <>
Date: Sun, 21 Nov 2004 21:29:20 -0000


Serbian has a character that looks
like a "j" whereas Russian doesn't, etc. Similarly, the Roman set is varied by the use of diacritical marks that create some pretty distinct
characters...check out Czech, for some weird ones, or the c cedilla of French. So, one thing you could do with the scroll is have it be sort of recognizable, enough to hook the characters in, but have enough weird letters that it doesn't quite read through.


Yes there's that double-S thing in German and ij in Dutch etc. but in my experience if you get every other word it's usually enough to get the gist. Independent of this site I've been told that Pavics use "EWF Sigils" while Sartarites use "Heort's Runes". Guy who told me said he'd "read it somewhere", he thought in "a piece by Greg in some magazine" but he couldn't remember where. Anyone source this? Seem to remember reading about Pelorian languages using Pelandan Runes somewhere - are these used by all Pelorian languages?

I'd tend to assume Kralori use pictograms rather than alphabet. Do the use a mixed system a la Japan in Vormain?

What about thr west? I imagine a schism between Rokari and Hrestoli similar to that between Orthodox and Catholic churchs - and a common script for each like in RW? They don't really understand each other because they can't read each other's grimoires...


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