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OT: I suspect that, given the time that the Gaelic Irish became Christian and (the few monks etc.) started to write, it is likely that they used current phonemes in Roman Provincial Britain, with some modification.

The Irish were one of the few cultures with a (relatively) vibrant written vernacular culture during the "Dark Ages" of much of Western Europe.


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Simon Phipp wrote:
>>In the RW there are far fewer scripting systems than languages (in Europe
>>only have Roman, Greek and Cyrillic but dozens of countries, many of which

>>have more than one language) and so the players trick could have worked.
>>IIRC there was a list of spoken languages in the RQ Glorantha: Genertela
>>pack but I don't recall having seen anything about written language.

> Don't forget Armenian which uses a different alphabet completely.

And the gaelic script which just picked latin letters and assigned phonemes at random...

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