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From: Peter Metcalfe <metcalph_at_quicksilver.net.nz>
Date: Tue, 23 Nov 2004 22:06:12 +1300

John English:

>Independent of this site I've been told that Pavics use "EWF Sigils" while
>Sartarites use "Heort's Runes". Guy who told me said he'd "read it
>somewhere", he thought in "a piece by Greg in some magazine" but he couldn't
>remember where. Anyone source this?

News to me. Old Pavic may have been written in the Auld Wyrmish script, which was invented during the Imperial Age. However this was almost certainly based on a Heortling script because the scribes were in Dragon Pass at the time. The differences between the two can still be great as the difference between the Roman Alphabet and Cyrillic, which have a common script ancestor.

>Seem to remember reading about Pelorian
>languages using Pelandan Runes somewhere - are these used by all Pelorian

Two things. There are Pelandan Ideograms and a Dara Happan alphabet. The two are related and their usage is somewhat complicated. Throughout much of history, most Pelorians wrote things down using the Dara Happan Alphabet while the Pelandan Ideograms was reserved for sacred contexts, like a sign to a temple.

After Sheng Seleris was killed, the Lunars revived the usage of the Pelandan Ideograms which was part and parcel of the new language of New Pelorian. Although they still wrote most things down using the alphabet, when it came to names and the like, they wrote them using the ideogram. So a New Pelorian sentence might look like "...and so [JarEel] spoke to [FodAriam]" where the words in brackets are ideograms of a syllable in length.

>I'd tend to assume Kralori use pictograms rather than alphabet. Do the use a
>mixed system a la Japan in Vormain?

The Kralori use a chinese style script based on mystical markings found on dragon scales.

>What about thr west? I imagine a schism between Rokari and Hrestoli similar
>to that between Orthodox and Catholic churchs - and a common script for each
>like in RW?

The analogies for the western script is Latin and Arabic. Everybody writes in a commonly understood script yet the ways of pronouncing it are vastly different.

>They don't really understand each other because they can't read
>each other's grimoires...

Well, they can. They just pronounce the words bloody awfully.

--Peter Metcalfe


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