Re: [Glorantha]Pelandan ideograms

From: John English <>
Date: Wed, 24 Nov 2004 23:27:37 -0000

Peter Metcalfe(quoting me originally):
>>I'm confused by what you mean by "a syllable in length" - surely a
>>is an aspect of spoken language? [JarEel] may be a single ideogram in
>>writing but surely its still two syllables?
> No, it's not. It's two syllables each with a different ideogram - one for
> "Jar"
> and another for "Eel".

Sorry! I now see what you mean! Perhaps some sort of symbol is required to differentiate ideograms e.g. /jar/eel/ - or on a more useful level is one to assume that when upper case appears in a single word it indicates ideogrammatic divide in the original?



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