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> When does a day's twenty-four hour period begin? Midnight, dawn, noon,
> sunset, or are things not that simple?

This depends on the culture. I do not have my sources accesible, but I am sure people who DO will correct me if I am wrong.

But I think that the Heortling day-night period begins with nightfall, and I am pretty sure that the Dara Happan starts with the sunrise.

> The Red Moon seems to undergo a complete phase cycle in exactly one
> week.

I have probably never said this anywhere, but for me "Exactly" is used for game terms, the way we might say that an earth year is exactly 365 days. I have always considered it to be less than exact, but never bothered to work it out as it is irrelevant to game play.

> What time of the day does the Effect on Lunar Magic change from one
> multiplier to the next?

It doesn't. It gradualy shifts in tiny increments. But once again, this is just too esoteric for game play and (for me) irrelevant. During play I just simply say "It is X moon phase."

> Does this occur at the same time in Nochet as it is in Pavis?

It is well established that the phase of the moon is different in different areas, depending on where the area is in relation to the moon's center.

These are just things that I have chosen to gloss over in terms of having a playable game.

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