Re: [Glorantha]Days and Cycles

From: John English <>
Date: Sun, 5 Dec 2004 14:45:59 -0000

John Galloway/Greg Stafford

>> What time of the day does the Effect on Lunar Magic change from one
>> multiplier to the next?
> It doesn't. It gradualy shifts in tiny increments. But once again, this is
> just
> too esoteric for game play and (for me) irrelevant. During play I just
> simply
> say "It is X moon phase."

I've always assumed that the moon's power varied gradually and that the lunar cycle table was just a game mechanic. However it does raise complex questions:

At the full the lunar power is greater than standard outside the glowline - so the glowline actually dampens lunar magic at this time?

Inside the glowline lunar power doesn't fluctuate - an effect caused by lunar magic (which would be weaker but for the glowline) which is constant by its own dint?

In light of the above does this mean Sedenya's power is subject to Yara Aranis's?

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