Re: [Glorantha]Demon summoning

From: John English <>
Date: Sun, 5 Dec 2004 14:19:20 -0000

From: "Chris Graham"

> So i'm about twenty years late, however, I recently pickled up the White
> Dwarf articles o demon summoning (in runequest). Has there ever been any
> instances of demon summoning in glorantha. In particular in Sartar?

You don't specify which WD articles but I imagine you mean those that ran from issue 44 to 46. These were RQ2 and aimed at Questworld use not Glorantha. You might want to check out issue 92 which gave RQ3 demon rules that were specifically Gloranthan, along with a number of sample demons.

A number of demonic beings have turned up in Sartar in my own experience, the most obvious being Cacodemon. I've seen the Mother Maggot and one of the Claws of Chaos brought under temporary sorcerous control, and if they aren't demons I don't know what they are. And most of the chaos gods seem to be more demonic than divine. Of course most humans would regard most troll gods as demons of darkness too....


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