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>How might a Heortling describe something that was characteristic of a=20 >particular season? The equivalent of "spring growth", "summer sports",=20=

>"autumn leaves" or "winter's blast"?=20

Given that we're 'translating' from the various Heortling dialects, we hav= e
a degree of flexibility in our terms, with lots of scope for individual campaign creativity=2E

I'd think that using terran terms is fine (though we have an extra season and a Sacred Time to confuse things)=2E Glorantha is seeming familar to st= art
with, but when you look closely at *anything* the differences start to become apparent=2E Players pick up the curve soon enough=2E

For plant growth, I've fallen into the habit of talking about stormblooms,=

darkblooms, seablooms etc=2E This is a bit more than a seasonal descriptor= ,
for plants that bloom in various seasons have unique characteristics: blooms in Storm Season will have thick 'armour', plants that bloom in Dark=

may be blue/black and thrive on cold as much as light, etc=2E

Using straight Gloranthan seasonal terms usually works fairly well, especially if you capitalise: players or readers can usually work out from=

context what Sea winds or Earth storms or Dark Storms you're referring to=2E=

Poetic phrases will be in common use; 'the blessing winds of Sea Season', 'the Valind rites of Dark'=2E=20

For my own Far Place campaign, we further divided the seasons into 'Movements' or 'Tames' of three/two/three weeks, loosely based on Anglo-Saxon conventions=2E These proved to be very useful and highly speci= fic



for the full details=2E Note though, that I haven't updated this calendar = in
the light of Thunder Rebels, and that Far Place plantings etc=2E may vary slightly from those in Sartar=2E

These Far Place Tames are:

=91Narmen Tame=92 (Naming Time)
=91OpenTame=92 or =91FlamalTame=92
=91SalmonTame=92 or =91TrimilTame=92 (Time of three milkings per day)

=91ElmalCalm=92 or =91YelmaTame=92
=91Weyden Tame=92 (Time of Much Weeding)
=91MeadoTame=92 or =91Harvest Tame=92

=91GorsTame=92 (Forest i=2Ee=2E Hunting Time) or =91Goddess Tame=92
=91CiderTame=92 (hic!)

=91Hearth Tame=92
=91LongDark=92 or =91Canis Tame=92 (Frigid Time)
=91Wolfun Tame=92 (Wolf Time)

=91Ghost Tame=92
=91Cole Tame=92 (Cabbage (soup) Time)

SACRED TIME Sartar may well have its own tribal variants of these Tames=2E



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